Rising Stars Strings' Programme was started in April 2013 by the concert violinist Alda Dizdari. 

This course gives the opportunity to highly gifted young musicians to spend quality time with their instrument having daily lessons with distinguished international soloists, combined with masterclasses and performances. The repertoire is learnt on a completely different level as all lessons include an accompanists and are tailor made according to their standard and needs. The centre offers excellent facilities and places to work and relax, a perfect balance to maximise the efforts. The evenings are completed with chamber music sessions where students get together with other students and teachers to form groups and work on chamber music skills while improving other important areas such as sight reading.


The interaction between the various participants provides an invaluable stimulus to all concerned both in a professional and personal level and friendships are often continued long after the course is finished. 


The course ends with a big exhilerating experience of live performances where the repertoire worked in the course is showcased and all the fruits of hard work are enjoyed to the fullest by the members of the course and the local community. 


The founder of the course Alda Dizdari,  combines a successful solo career with teaching. She has been teaching for the past 10 years, firstly as the leader of the Allegri String Quartet, as Quartet in Residence in six universities around Britain, including Oxford, Norwich, Middlesex, Nottingham, Bangor and Durham, and later as professor of violin and chamber music at the Guildhall School and Junior Academy of Music in London.

Alda has followed different styles and violin schools, starting her studies in Albania, then continuing in Romania in a very traditional eastern European style and later in the US and London where she changed almost completely the style and the way of thinking about music and the art of teaching after being the student in the class of one of the greatest pedagogues, David Takeno.

She combines extreme detailed technical training with a great musical awareness and puts big emphasis on combining these two important aspects of performance to create performances that are looking for the true meaning and the intentions of the composers and the style of the music. More information about Alda on: www.aldadizdari.com 


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Dea Centre hosts the International Competition for young musicians "Songs of the Earth" between 27th-29th of June 2013